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Jul 21, 2015
Softball Loving Teen Loves Louisiana Foods

Chelsey is an outgoing teen who loves shopping, styling her hair, and spending time with her friends. This Louisiana native has the taste buds to prove her southern roots as eating crawfish is one of her favorite foods. This energetic girly-girl enjoys swimming, fishing, and cheering in her spare time.

Chelsey is a fan of softball, but does not play on a team. She loves watching others play the game. Chelsey is a good student and performs well academically. She loves being the center of attention and makes friends easily. Chelsey is looking forward to being adopted, but requests that her family live in Louisiana - the place she loves.

For more information about Chelsey or other children in need of adoption, call the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services at 1 (800) 259-3428. If you are interested in providing a safe and stable home for a child who needs one, please call today or visit