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Upbeat Three-Year-Old Will Melt Your Heart

Three-year-old Jeremiah will surely melt the hearts of his Forever Family with his smile and upbeat spirit. Jeremiah enjoys playing with his toys on the floor and having fun. Jeremiah does not use words to communicate, but he does make sounds and use hand gestures to communicate his wants. Jeremiah is making progress developmentally and physically. His verbal and motor skills have improved as he grows and strives to perfect daily tasks. He enjoys hugs, attention, and lots of affection. He thrives on positive interaction with his caretaker. Jeremiah's adoptive family will provide lifelong support and meet his ongoing medical, therapeutic, educational, and emotional needs.

For additional information about Jeremiah or other children in need of adoption, call the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services at 1(225) 342-3888. If you are interested in providing a safe and stable home for a child who needs one, please call today or visit