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Sister Enjoy Outdoor Activities Kevion is a beautiful little 9-year-old girl who is very happy, soft-spoken, and energetic. She enjoys spending time with her little sister engaging in various activities. Kyra is Kevion's little sister and a joy to be around. She loves to follow in her big sister's shoes like most little sisters. Just like her sister she enjoys going to church and outdoor activities. These little girls are looking for a forever home with a family who will love and care for them.
Ten-Year-Old Scholar is Full of Energy Meet our handsome scholar, 10-year-old Michael. In conjunction with his academic achievements, he is full of energy and loves to play sports. His favorite sport is basketball and he also loves gardening. This kid is a friendly child and enjoys being with his friends, especially at school. Michael tends to get bored easily so will have to be redirected when he finishes tasks, chores, or assignments. He is a sweet, quiet, polite, and determined young man. Sixteen-Year-Old Has a Contagious Smile Jakadrianna is a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl with a contagious smile. Jakadrianna is an incredibly sweet, friendly young lady. She always has a smile on her face. Jakadrianna loves dancing in her spare time. She especially loves the Cupid Shuffle! Jakadrianna also enjoys playing Uno whenever she has the chance. Jakadrianna loves getting dressed up and pampered. She loves shopping for shoes and getting her nails done.
Sweet Teen Loves All Things Girly Miah, at first sight, appears shy, but once she gets to know you she is a vibrant and sweet young lady. She loves helping others, therefore when asked the question “what is your career choice?" she responded, "I would like to become a nurse." Like most teenage girls, she is a very independent young lady with a love for getting her nails done, shopping, doing hair, and dancing. She listens to a variety of music and stated she was once a member of a praise dance team and sang in the church choir. Animal Lover Enjoys Basketball Meet handsome, athletic, and inquisitive Riley. He enjoys playing sports but his absolute favorite sport is basketball. This young man has a love of music and he takes pride in knowing various artists. Riley is a huge animal lover and hopes to be in a family that will allow him to have a pet dog. Riley is looking for a supportive family who will assist him with reaching his full academic potential.
Energetic Sixth-Grader is a People Person Meet happy, handsome, fun, and energetic Ke'Ante. He is a sixth-grader who loves school and maintains passing grades. When asked the question, “What do you loves to do in your spare time?" Ke’Ante says he enjoys playing basketball, video games, going to church, and participating in activities in the community. He is a people person who enjoys spending time with others, just sitting around talking and having fun. Singer is a Ball of Fun Introducing our little songbird, seventeen-year-old Alex. Alex loves to attend church where he sings and travels with the church choir. In conjunction with his love for the church, he is an excellent student and he gets along well with others. When first meeting you, he may appear shy and quiet, but once he gets to know you, he is a ball of fun. Just like most teenage boys, he has a love for video games, however sometimes he desires some alone time to gather his thoughts.
Teenager Hopes to Become a Nurse Practitioner Lesha is a 14-year-old girl with a lot of personality. She enjoys school and maintains passing grades. When asked the question “What do want to be when you grow up?" the answer is a nurse practitioner, so she can help others. Like most children her age, Lesha enjoys hanging out with her peers, playing on her electronic devices, singing, dancing, and watching her favorite TV shows. Curious Nine-Year-Old Loves Music Joseph is a beautiful 9-year-old child that requires special attention from a very special family. Despite daily health challenges, Joseph has a personality that is sure to warm your heart. He enjoys hugs, attention, and lots of affection. Joseph loves being introduced to new stimuli and learning how to respond to it. He is very curious, as he is the kind of child that focuses on new things intensely until he figures them out.
Upbeat Three-Year-Old Will Melt Your Heart Three-year-old Jeremiah will surely melt the hearts of his Forever Family with his smile and upbeat spirit. Jeremiah enjoys playing with his toys on the floor and having fun. Jeremiah does not use words to communicate, but he does make sounds and use hand gestures to communicate his wants. Jeremiah is making progress developmentally and physically. His verbal and motor skills have improved as he grows and strives to perfect daily tasks. He enjoys hugs, attention, and lots of affection. Creative Boy Likes Being Active Ten-year-old Frederick is an inquisitive child who does not have a problem with expressing himself. He has a talent for creating things, and loves building with Legos. Frederick describes himself as a funny person who loves to role play. Frederick likes playing video games, swimming, playing basketball, bike riding, and listening to music and watching television on a rainy day. Frederick has a healthy appetite. Although his is not much of a meat eater, he enjoys hamburgers and chicken nuggets.
Eleven-Year-Old is a Dancer When 11-year-old Aliyaha was asked about her Forever Family, she stated she wants her parents to love her and allow her to keep in contact with her sister. Aliyaha enjoys dancing and she participated in a Hip-Hop Dance Recital. Like other children her age, she enjoys playing video games (especially Just Dance video games), visits to the bounce house, and watching Teen Titans and Andi Mack. Aliyaha's favorite subjects are Science and Social Studies. History Buff Has an Active Imagination Dale is a 15-year-old history buff. He is very creative and has an active imagination. He has been known to create imaginative worlds and illustrate these in stories. Dale enjoys video games, reading, and art, and he's also a pretty good swimmer, so he'd like to be on a swim team someday. He says all he needs is the right family to get him started.
Outgoing Athlete Dreams of Playing Professional Football Aramis, age 14, is an athletic little boy. He loves playing football both at school and at the neighborhood park. He aspires one day to be a professional football player in the National Football League (NFL). One of his favorite teams is the New Orleans Saints. Aramis also enjoys doing tricks on his bicycle. He is outgoing and takes pride in his ability to make friends easily. Country Music Lover Aspires to Be a Nurse or Doctor Sixteen-year-old Shelby loves country music. She is a teenager with an outspoken personality. Her favorite foods are pizza and tacos. Shelby's hobbies include bike riding, reading, and playing video games. She aspires to attend college to become either a nurse or doctor.

     1 - 15 of 36 Articles Currently Displayed Next 15 >