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Child Welfare Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness Checklist

During an emergency event, continuous communication with DCFS is critical to ensure the safety and well-being of foster children and youth.  One major role that you play is keeping DCFS notified of your updated contact information, and other individuals who can contact you during an emergency. After an emergency event, your role is to notify DCFS about the safety and location of foster children and youth. 

DCFS utilizes a “RAVE” system to communicate information to you via text messages and emails. It is important to follow all directions included in RAVE messages.

DCFS also activates a Foster Caregiver support line when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warning is issued in Louisiana. This number is:



This phone number is only operational during emergency events. The purpose of this support line is to provide an avenue for foster caregivers and youth to communicate with the agency about the needs and whereabouts of foster children during the emergency event.

  • If a mandatory evacuation is issued, it is expected that all youth and caregivers who are caring for foster children comply with that order. 
  • Immediately after a tropical storm or hurricane, DCFS will issue a RAVE alert to those caregivers and EFC youth who normally reside in the mandatory evacuated areas.  It is critical that you respond immediately to the RAVE alert to ensure the safety of our children and youth.  You will be able to respond by either calling the Foster Parent Support Line, or responding by text.
  • DCFS will follow-up with foster caregivers and youth impacted by the storm to further assess needs and provide support.
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