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Evacuations and Shelters

Evacuation Plan

The Get a Gameplan website, will assist you in preparing for and evacuating your family. It is imperative that everyone have a "plan" in the event of an evacuation. Steps included in a family plan are:

  • Put together an Emergency Kit
  • Make Preparations (Evacuation Plan)
  • Stay Informed
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 Medical and Special Needs

Citizens are encouraged to contact their Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) if assistance is needed during an evacuation or to be registered on the parish registry for citizens with medical special needs for an evacuation.

Shelter Information

Because of the fluid nature of shelter occupancy, citizens who require a shelter are encouraged to obtain information about shelter openings and locations at shelter information points along evacuation routes. Citizens who require shelter can call their local Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (OHSEP).

  • American Red Cross Shelter Apps

Emergency Kit

Citizens are encouraged to evacuate with an Emergency Kit like the one referenced on the Get A Gameplan website in the event that an evacuation shelter is used. Don't forget about your pets and animals. Most shelters will have arrangements made for pets, but pet evacuation and care for pets is a personal responsibility and takes preparation and planning ahead of time.

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