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DCFS Urges Immediate PIN Change Amid Skimming Device Discovery

Multiple skimming devices located across state; No known thefts at this time

BATON ROUGE, LA - The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is urging all EBT cardholders to immediately change their PIN, after the Department was alerted to the discovery of multiple skimming devices at multiple retail locations throughout the state. At this time, there are no reports of cardholders' benefits having been stolen.

Local and federal authorities have been notified and are investigating these incidents. Similar incidents have been reported across the country.

As a precaution, DCFS is sending text alerts directly to EBT cardholders urging users to change their cards' Personal Identification Number (PIN) immediately. Additionally, cardholders should change their card's PIN every 30 days to keep their benefits safe. Changing the PIN is vital to protecting benefits and preventing unauthorized access to accounts.

DCFS recommends all EBT cardholders take the following actions:

  • Change your EBT card PIN:  Visit or call the EBT customer service line at 1-888-997-1117 as soon as possible. Select a unique PIN that is not easily guessable, avoiding common patterns or personal information.
  • Monitor your EBT card activity:  Regularly review your card transactions using the LifeInCheck EBT mobile app or by visiting the official website. Report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions immediately to the EBT customer service line.
  • Be cautious with card usage:  When making purchases, be alert and examine the card terminal for any unusual devices or signs of tampering. Shield your PIN entry from view to prevent potential compromise.

REMINDER:  Neither DCFS nor Inmar (EBT card vendor) will call a cardholder requesting the cardholder's EBT card number, and we will never ask for a cardholder's PIN. If a cardholder receives any calls requesting this information, please notify DCFS with the caller's phone number. If a cardholder has provided their information, they must immediately request a new EBT card and/or change their PIN to protect their benefits.

DCFS is committed to preserving the security of benefits and is working closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate these EBT cloning incidents. We are taking all necessary measures to protect cardholders by preventing fraudulent activities. For more information on EBT card security and how cardholders can protect their benefits, please visit

If you believe you are a victim of EBT skimming, please call 1-888-LA-HELPU (1-888-524-3578).

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