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National Youth in Transition

You have the power to change the future for yourself and other foster children.

What it is and Why: NYTD surveys are being done in all States to collect information on how youth leaving foster care are doing and how resources are used.

Who Completes the Survey: All youth who receive service, through their involvement with the State, ages 14 through 23, complete one survey. Some youth in foster care who are turning age 17 during certain Federal Fiscal Years complete a separate survey. A group of those 17-year-olds will be randomly chosen to complete a survey again at ages 19 and 21.

Benefits: Completing the NYTD survey puts your input into decisions being made regarding your life. The survey allows you to use your experience to make things better for future foster youth.

It is Voluntary: Your participation is voluntary and there will be no penalty to you if you choose not to participate. While completing the survey, you may decline to respond to any questions you do not want to answer.

Confidentiality/How Information is Used: Data will be used to evaluate and improve programs that help foster youth become independent adults. Your name and personal information will not be released outside the department in a way that will identify you. The information will be compiled into a data report based on all the youth responses to the surveys.

Louisiana NYTD Reunion: Join us for a once-a-year reunion event for all Louisiana NYTD youth that meet criteria to attend. Come receive resources, give-a-ways to assist in Independent Living and a chance to network with youth and adults.

Stay Connected: Each time your contact information (address, phone number, email) changes, please get in touch with the local DCFS office and let them know so they can update your information.

More Information: Contact LaToya Saulsby, DCFS NYTD Liaison at 225-342-3936 or email LaToya.Saulsby.DCFS@La.Gov.

Youth Leadership & Advocacy Program

There are also opportunities for youth voice on local and regional levels through Independent Living Provider (ILP) involvement.


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